Monsters on Maple Street

by The Smyrk

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released August 23, 2005

music by: C. Barone, N. Logan, A. Sadowitz
lyrics by: D. Flake
produced by: E. Rachel



all rights reserved


The Smyrk New Haven, Connecticut

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Track Name: Monsters on Maple Street
This is a loyalty review
Cause history repeats
Nobody wants to say a thing about it
But we got monsters on maple st
They want your hands up
They want you all afraid so they can
Silence things that you wanna say
Til they get their way
But we'll have our say

So let me out
Cause if you sing it out
They can't erase it out loud
With our heads down
Can you hear the sound?
Can you hear it pound?
I'm breakin myself, let me know
Can you hear me know

Recuse them all from judgment
None of them are worthy of it
The glass ceiling is on my lips
But there's a party goin on above it
Somebody stand up
I want you all to say
These are the things we refuse to take
Today or they'll take your voice away

You don't see
You don't hear me
You don't understand
So you don't speak for me
Track Name: It's Not Love
This one is overdrive
This one's delay
This one puts the phase on every word you say
Which one makes you see yourself that way?
To look at what he does and think that it's ok

Til it fades
The wounds keep adding up
Until it fades
I can't wait til you decide you've had enough
And when it fades you'll understand that you deserve better
This is not love
It's not love
It's not love

Help me understand what's missin
Do you let this go
Cause you want his attention
He's sorry and this time it's for real
But it won't stop, it won't stop until it kills

Don't pretend
To be happy
With him when we both
Can see
That you need to leave
Track Name: That Ain't Lake Minnetonka
You think you're so smart
You can have my heart
But I already learned my lesson
I'd rather keep you guessin
Than make a premature confession

Is this where I belong?
With you, it must be
Can't stop this beating alone

Cause I wanna let you know
But I won't tell you so
Swing for the heart but never make contact
Cause I'll cop to like
But love is a contract

For this simple feat of chance
I'd click back to track one to repeat the dance

And in the taillights, I search for the words to say
That the thaw of April's gone and that was yesterday
I can't be hurt now
This won't be like the other times before
I'm bulletproof now
Cause once it's broken, you can't break it more

You think you're so smart
You can have my heart
Track Name: Sweeter Cyanide
I messed up I did it
It's all my fault I admit it I
Showed you more than you were prepared to see
Opened up I let you inside
You were my Mt. Sweeter Cyanide
Cause you were so so good for me

I tried screamin but it wouldn't go away
Bent the corners on photographs of yesterday
Set it free
Let it be ok

You were everything I wanted
All that I could ask for
You were everything that I was thinkin of
Now I'm so moody and restless
Cause I'm not on your guestlist
Hate to have to RSVP love
It's no good for me

I tried screamin but it wouldn't make a sound
Framed your memory it's beggin me to take it down
Take it down
Track Name: Cope Aesthetic
You make it hard on yourself
You make this whole thing difficult for me
You take it all so seriously
So it's deeper than it needs to be

Tears stain your pillow and I wonder if you ever let go

What can I say?
What can I do?
To make you understand?

You take it all too far
Then you pretend its natural
You force the water to your eyes for show
Cause everything is theatrical

Put the blame on me
I will carry this
If you just let go
I will deal with it
Track Name: Shot and Buried: Sudan
It's the murder of a culture
Chained down for the vultures
But we turn a swollen I
To this evil axis spinnin
While we concentrate on winnin
And as we sleep, another thousand die
But oh what does it take to make us see
It's an emergency?

Callin for help, but nobody's listenin (nobody knows)
And they die, crawlin through hell but nobody's listenin, nobody knows

We can't justify another sanctioned genocide
But we never seem to learn
That this killing is faster
Than a natural disaster
Until we're the next to burn
But oh what does it take to make us see
It's an emergency?

What if everyone you ever loved was ripped away
From their beds in the darkness
And you couldn't stop it
What could you say?
If someone shot the future and buried yesterday
Wouldn't you care about them?
Could you live without them?
Is there any way?